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Your morning
By The Beach

Call ahead and pick up your food for a quick beach lunch or stay and enjoy our garden patio covered in beach roses. We are a hop & skip away from the beautiful iconic Kettle Cove Beach so its worth fueling up here before soaking up the beautiful scenery.

Cafe Sub Menu 2

Cafe Menu




Breakfast Sandwich
With egg and melted Cheddar...add Ham,Turkey or Veggies.

Grilled Muffins

Fresh Baked Pastries


Fresh Baked Bagels
Grilled with butter and topped with your choice of cream cheese


Organic Sumatra Gayo French Roast
Brazil Mogiana French Roast
Organic Mexican Decaf
River Diver's Organic Espresso
Classic Latte
Chai Spice Latte
Mocha Latte
Iced Mocha Latte
Iced Latte


English Breakfast Tea
Green Tea
An Assortment of Herbal Teas

Richmond Panini
Grilled ciabatta bread heaped high with Black forest ham, melted sharp cheddar, and crisp pickles. Finished with horseradish aioli and mustard and served 
with a crisp pickle spear.

Crescent Caprese
Grilled ciabatta bread stacked with local heirloom tomatoes,melted mozzarella cheese, kalamata olive tapenade and basil pesto. Served with a crisp pickle spear.

Kettle Cove Panini
Grilled ciabatta bread layered with hickory smoked turkey, local spinach, red onion, and fire roasted red peppers atop a herb/garlic cheese spread. Served with a crisp pickle spear

Traditional Lobster Rolls
Lobster claw and tail in a buttered toasted bun mixed with mayonnaise
$14.95-Market Price

 Traditional Crab Roll
Tender Crab Meat in a buttered toasted bun mixed with mayonnaise

Chef's Salad
Locally Sourced mesclun mix heaped high with cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, red onion, ham, hard boiled egg and garlic croutons.

Spinach Salad
Locally sourced baby spinach topped with fresh goat cheese, red onion, apples, craisins, and walnuts.

Electric Lemonade
Tropical blue flavor shot added to simple lemonade

Arnold Palmer
Simple lemonade and ice tea garnished with lemon wedge

Wildflower Lemonade
Wildflower tea and fresh lemonade garnished with lavender sprigs and a lemon wedge.

Traditional Ice Tea
Unsweetened garnished with lemon wedge

Simple Lemonade
Garnished with lemon wedge

Maine Root Soda
Blueberry, Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, and Ginger Brew

Poland Spring Water
Sparkling and Regular


(Add a grab&go snack to any meal for .75)
Trail Mix, Nutella and Dip Sticks, Granola Bars, Almond Cookies

The School Lunch
Peanut Butter and Jelly on Country White

The Elvis
Sliced bananas, clover honey, and peanut butter on country white

(Call Ahead to Expedite your Orders)