Family Owned & Operated Over 30 Years


Transforming itself from a small fry shack to a bustling beach hub cafe, we hand make our ice cream right inside day in and day out. We wake up every morning to brew fresh coffee for early beach walkers. You are invited to come have a sweet moment by the sea with us!




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Lip Smackin

2016 Summer Flavors


Fresh New Menu

Our Goal

Put Summer Into every Lick

We are always trying to develop something new and delicious ice cream flavors while also maintaining high quality with our all time favorites. Whether your looking for Chocolate Miso Seaweed or Grape-nut or perhaps an alternative sorbet we will satisfy your cravings.


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Maine Roasted Beans!




 Cafe Menu

Coffee has been a staple of any mom and pop shop littered across Maine’s coastline. Being paired with the finest ice cream makes this destination perfect for Beach Goers or Out of Towner’s heading through. Enjoy a cup of coffee then walk dow to the picturesque Kettle Cove Beach. It doesnt get more New England than that.